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It's easy to participate as a Guest Participant.
Just fill out the form and then follow instructions below.

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"This is Route 66" YouTube Channel

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Instructions for Participating as a Guest on

“This is Route 66” YouTube Channel

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 479-636-7111


It’s easy to participate at a guest. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out Guest Form (above)

  2. Selecting your background location. A nice atmosphere that represents your business is a good idea. Example, if you have a classic diner, please consider doing your interview in the dining room, so the viewing audience can see the theme and atmosphere of the restaurant. Activity behind you is a plus, such as wait staff waiting on tables, etc. Or, if you have a museum, please consider placing yourself in front of an exhibit. If you have a large hotel or small motel, consider an area that the guest could relate to such as a lobby or a check in desk. Etc.

  3. Lighting. Lighting is important. Please avoid a poorly lit location, or direct sunlight shining to your back and into the camera lens.

  4. Earbuds / microphone. If you’re using a computer, if possible, please use earbuds or headset and microphone. If using a smartphone earbuds can still be a plus.


The Process

To upload your related photos and videos:

  • I will email you a link to a folder on our Google Drive.

    • In the Email, click the link

    • Upload your photos and videos. I will use them later during post production editing


The Following Process Can Take Less Than 1 Minute to Complete

To Enter the Restream Studio

  • I will email you a link to the studio

    • In the Email, click the link

  • Check “access microphone and allow”

  • Check “assess camera and allow”

  • Click “Settings” (pic of gear)

    • Set camera resolution to highest setting

      • 1080p is best

      • 720p will work

    • Disable (turn off) “mirror camera”

  • Type in your Name, Business, City, and State

  • Click “Enter”

  • To view this step, please watch this video: 


Adjust your monitor / camera / phone so you are positioned correctly (up/down) on the screen.

You are now in the Green Room

Wait for host to greet you

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